Talented design generalist from a storytelling background with a long history in content, technology, communications & media with some of the biggest brands in the world. I now specialise in human-centred experience design, consulting and project work for government.

I am a design thinking practitioner and craft product designer, with previous specialisms in TV, digital film, semantic metadata, and narrative modelling. I have a passion for quality and attention to detail, and will fight to make outcomes I am involved in greater than the sum of their parts.

March ’15

Mostly leading App development, design and ‘portfolio vision’ at the Met Office. Also time working with the cabinet office’s Policy Lab providing systems visualisation in regard to childcare provision as a service. Looking again recently at rural archive and their challenges in audience

Excited to be focusing on public services, and developing my working relationship with Government Digital Services GDS, who, I think it is widely acknowledged, are proving really effective at delivering usable digital services. GDS pro-actively steer IT provision across government, and have introduced mandatory new processes, primarily agile, lean and service design orientated approaches, to new digital product and services. This ‘learn how we do it, then do it for yourselves’ approach is the only sustainable approach, otherwise GDS would have to massively expand.  This creates a great opportunity for external design expertise to provide their services to compliment these new ways of working. In terms of the political climate, never have ways of ‘doing more with less’ been quite so needed.

What cooking..

  • Apps Apps Apps. In particular Weather, forecast display concepts, unique features iterated from user insight, icon animation and motion backgrounds, concepts of time and location. Products Roadmaps.
  • Researching the idea that perhaps public services are too complex to reform by intervention, that instead they need to be replaced by an holistic re-interpretation 
  • StoryMachine. Where next for StoryMachine ? Need help to see the wood for the trees, lost sight of who the customer is I think (if you need a slightly complicated semantic co-creation tool please get in touch!)

Background Summary

I started my career in the arts before moving into page layout & graphic design, then moved into film, video and multimedia. My twenties were an exciting combination of directing pop videos and making high-end corporate productions including the launch of the Playstation, an award winning Windows 95 launch campaign, and Formula One. Pioneering a concept called Condensed TV, I began a technology startup called Frameline which looked to deliver a semantic database driven interactive content platform. Working with clients such as Paramount Pictures, Freemantle Media, Oxford Scientific Film, Harvard University & the US Libraries of Congress, I created a time-based semantic annotation structure for video logging and archive, the first commercial MPEG7 product.

Please visit LinkedIn to find out more. I look forward to hearing from you.




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