June ’17

Currently Head of Design at an exciting information mapping & machine learning start-up in Bath (link soon, when the Beta is up) Founding partner at the Weather Gods and involved in an innovative mental health start-up. Welcome to contact me via LinkedIn, follow me on Twitter, or use the contact form.

Latest Post: First post in over a year, but good habits have to start somewhere. ‘The Iteration Game’ a post about how to find the appropriate balance when designing features between pure and minimal iteration, with an example of extreme iteration.

Talented design generalist from a storytelling background with a long history in content, technology, communications & media with some of the biggest brands in the world. I now specialise in human-centred interaction and experience design, consulting and project work for government and business.

“Understanding user needs & audiences, designing & developing new products & services, producing first class visual design, or bringing complex processes down to a human scale, I help uncover innovative solutions to problems & discover exciting new opportunities to do more with less”

I am a design thinking practitioner and craft product designer, with previous specialisms in TV, digital film, semantic metadata, and narrative modelling. I have a passion for quality and attention to detail.

WEATHER GODS NEWS: We have recently released Version 1.4 which finally (sorry for the wait!) brings full compatibility to the iPad. This is an exciting release for me as it really represents my vision of what version 1.0 would have been in an ideal world. If you haven’t bought it yet then now is the perfect time.