A fabulous three days co-facilitating the Global Government Service Jam with Redfront at Devon County Hall. Three projects emerged from the process, with Phillippa Rose setting a high bar with her A Team themed tribute.


Action Van

We will help young people find their own place in their community by listening to their issues, helping them develop creative ideas to address those issues, and putting them in touch with the people, networks, funding etc to turn those ideas into ACTION. At the heart of this project is the Action Team and the Action Van. The Action Team is a multi-disciplinary team given the freedom to cut through red tape and break down barriers. The Action Van will visit communities and young people where they have identified issues, give them a space to explore the issues / ideas and meet the Team. The van is backed up by social media. We will pilot this first in Whipton, a community in Devon who have already asked for help.


We want to help reconnect people to each other and to their communities through the power of story telling. By sharing stories we open ourselves up, enable learning in unexpected ways, and ultimately provide opportunities to increase community cohesion, social understanding and general well being. We provide a ‘Troubadour’ story telling pack, which includes story guides, story prompts, story wheels and a variety of other educational resources which invite people to have the courage to share. Troubadour also provides an online service which enables groups to open up their projects for sharing and collaboration with other groups.

Bridge of Fear

Bridge of Fear is a simple interface through which people can communicate their greatest fears, learn about others’ and receive back different perspectives on the things that worry them most. The aim of the project is to help people escape from the self-reinforcing loops of traditional media and provide data to local government on where problems are likely to flare up. There are elements of direct response and randomness to make the platform engaging and encourage users to think about what their fears are really about.